Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farewell Philippines

They do not live up to any standard but their own.
They are relaxed islanders by nature but innate hard workers by necessity.
They indulge in sweets & cigarettes to make life more enjoyable but their teeth do not agree.
They still smile big!

Sin color is a classification of social class, the light colored ones are the ones who care and the dark either don't care or have the choice to hide from the sun.
They're all hopeless romantics, even the men sing sappy love songs loudly.
Rice is the staple of every meal, if they go without it in a day they feel as though they haven't eaten.
The Filipino will drop everything they are doing to wave hi, or yell "Hey Friend!"
They are an indigenous race that has uprooted from the junlge & created their own unique villages to reside.
Their livelihood includes selling the goods and services of the Earth.
Even their homes and shops are created out of the very materials of Earth, & actually look like they belong among the forest.
But, just like an American, Filipinos value the quick, easy, & fast; fast food chains with long lines prove this.
They work very hard for very little inevitably limiting desires to necessities.
Every capable family member contributes to the daily budget, young & old.
The Filipinos with money do not segregate themselves to a "higher" community, instead they nestle their houses amidst neighbors of various social classes.
They are a barefoot culture whose mantras are of God & LOVE, & through this they are truly a pleasure to be around.

There are so many visions & memories that come to mind when I think of this new experience of travel & the culture of the Philippines. But the places and things I will remember the most is: (in no particular order)
~The boat tours in El Nido-carsts, blue lagoons, snorkeling, & beach side lunches :)
~ Apo Island Diving-Huge aquarium, tons of life, especially the 15-20 sea turtles.
~Cantabon Cave-Amazing splunking tour
~Getting Scuba certified in Moal Boal-and the introduction to the "lady boy"
~Sugar Beach-remote & quiet break (from everything)
~Siquijor waterfall- swimming under it!!
~El Nido Sunsets- BEST I have ever seen (so far), every night was a dramatic display.
~Motorbike exploring-especially Valencia & the Twin Lakes
~Roosters GAllOre- cock everywhere!
~Sari-Sari's (small shops) on every corner fulfilling my sweet tooth at night time.
~Halo-Halo- the weird Filipino dessert (with beans?!?!)
~Mangoes-mmmmmm I'm in love~!
~The markets-culture SHOCK!
~Jeepneys, tricycles, buses, bangkas, ships, & planes-getting places was always a new ride.
~Seeing Matt's face at the airport.
~Being a minority-& all the expressions I received from Filipinos of all ages.
~All the animals roaming the streets.
~3 in 1 Nescafe, & the early morning transition.
~Jungle trekking-especially the Monkey Trail.
~THE FLORA! Absolutely Vibrant!
~Virgin coconut cream sauce + garden veggies, mmmmm, & that delicious green vegetable we never could find out the name of...
~convincing Matt that breakfast is the best meal of the day :) & the muesli, mmmmm.
~So much sugar in everything! even the spaghetti was sweet.
~The geckos!-welcoming them into my home.
~San Miguel & Tanduay (rum)-cheaper than water
~The safety of the mosquito nets at nighttime.
~A New EARTH, and the inner transformation.
~ The hut & bungalow accommodations-some nicer than others :)
~The Chocolate Hills & the Tarsier
~All the nasty fat old white men with Filipina wives...

Now we are thrown into Indonesia, and this is a VERY different experience, I will expand later, we are getting kicked out of the internet again...

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