Sunday, October 17, 2010

Balancing Realities

Phew! Its been a while since I've been able to sit down & write. I've had tid bits of time to sit down, but I haven't been able to write, & when I felt I could write I didn't have the time to sit down. So finally, the two have intertwined.
I feel that I was really on to something during my travels. I was seeing a whole new light of the world & myself. I was exploring realms of my personality & habits that needed serious attention & was actually grasping the things I truly wanted to do in my life... Now I am back to the working world & I am trying my best to take what I learned during my travels & apply it to real life. Because although traveling IS necessary to the evolution of my consciousness, it is not a sustainable lifestyle, at some point you have to come back to reality.

It is of utmost importance for me to recognize how I can balance the two worlds of work & well-being. I owe this to myself, I owe this to the ones around me, and I owe this to the world. Luckily, I absolutely love what I am doing, which makes the whole work part much easier, but even if you love what you do, work can inevitably consume you. It is easy to become lost in such things & forget about your relationships,, your hobbies, your growth, yourself. So the ultimate question is how do you balance the realities of life???

I truly believe that there are four things that make up what it means to be human
1. The Physical Realm
2. The Emotional Realm
3. The Mental Realm
4. The Spiritual Realm
All of which are states (or levels) of well-being & if one is missing, inner equilibrium is not achieved. Making these four aspects of oneself balanced is true living, the best living.

Recently I spoke about this concept with a woman I work with. I explained with her my view of how people can become so absorbed by one of the realms that they loose sight of the other beautiful parts of themselves. An example I proposed to her was of a place I recently lived where most of the people were so attentive to their physical side that it was hard to connect with them on any other level. I also proposed examples from the world today such as; a model who is typically a person that is indulged by the physical world, a sensitive person who is overtaken by their emotions, a person who studies their life away has lost themselves in their books, & yes it is even possible to become "too spiritual". She is from a "very spiritual place in England, kind of like Boulder" she said, and after speaking about this she admitted that as much as she loved the place "many of the people there have become ungrounded because they are too spiritual," or in other words they have become so attached to one aspect of their personality that they have lost focus of the other parts of themselves.
So, in retrospect it is so simple how to live a balanced life: just pay attention to each of the four elements that make up a human being. But on the contrary, life is tough & there are distractions. Like I said, it's easy to get lost in the things that consume you.
Sometimes when I sit in silence with myself & not think about the 10,000 things that need to be done, I realize what my life, my body, soul, & mind really need. I give myself the time to become aware of how I need to grow. In addition to the realizations it also requires strength, discipline, sacrifice, & encouragement from the ones around you (most people, including myself, lack this part, but it truly is grandma's secret homemade recipe). It is a choice that an individual makes for themselves, a shift in consciousness about knowing what your own body needs, because in reality YOU are the only one who truly knows.
The time I have had overseas has truly changed me, I can honestly say I will never be the same after all of these experiences. I have become more motivated to take control of my life in the most humble way possible. I have truly recognized first hand that if I want to live my life fully it is up to me to make the choice. No one is responsible for my happiness, my success, or my achievements. I am responsible for this.

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  1. I am Thirsty for More of Your Incerdible Word's, Blessings within Your Being...Mom.