Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Love Tribe

The dark path was lit with small candles,
and aligned with little white & yellow iconic flowers of Bali.

I was late.
When I walked in the tribe was sitting with gazed eyes watching the Indian women dancing with bells & chimes attached to their ankles & wrists.

After an hour of these women performing indigenous Indian dances,
the mood was set.

The space was filled with individuals who are grateful for the offerings of the Earth, the universe, & the people.
All possessing a common goal, all on the same search, for truth, insight, & love.

Raw Chocolate Goddesses walked around with platters of pure Anandamide, the bliss molecule, in an assortment of flavors & sensations.
Soon we all carried a similar frequency.

Our friend David stood up in front of everyone to begin the trance of listening, feeling, healing, & speaking from the heart.

The woman with the singing bowls took over & guided us all into a deep meditation, we went deep inside & found one glowing cell within us that stood out from the rest.
The healing began.

Totally calm,
the goddesses rubbed Cacao butter on our 3rd eye, then we all began to sing. The house vibrated with a rhythmic sensation that sent shivers down my spine.

The counsel included love spreaders of all kinds speaking about how to rightfully tap into the land, our souls, & the universe. All with the vision to spread love, awareness, & consciousness.
Collectively we shared & embraced the company of each others gifts they all had to offer.
Connecting to each other & reaching out to the whole.

A community centered, & aligned.

Filled with bliss.

This love tribe still thrives on planet Earth.
It is easier to find in some places than others, but it is everywhere.

Find it.


  1. This was beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing and capturing your experience. I could begin to sense through your words the vibrations that you felt and shared with others in that space. I will begin my search.

  2. Andrew, you're already a part of this tribe. Boulder is one of those places where the tribe is easy to find ;)

  3. Oh how I miss you - thanks for sharing!
    Love you!