Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hidden Gems

For some reason, the most recent 2 places I have lived in have been "tourist traps" (interesting in of itself). The biggest tourist trap here in Bali is Kuta which I NEVER go to by choice (there are many reasons, but the biggest is it is a display of a beautiful culture being slaughtered)..
It is definitely weird calling home a place were people run to for vacation.

There are many really special things about being a local & one is getting in touch with the secrets of the people & the land. Somehow, we keep coming across hidden gems in Bali that no tourist would have the chance finding. Little white hidden beaches tucked away in coves, and yesterday we just so happen to find an INCREDIBLE waterfall wrapped in Rainbows.
This place truly is paradise!!

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  1. It is Wonderful to find hidden treasures! Beautiful pictures. Much Love. Mem.