Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The journey "back home" thus far has been amazing! Time has grabbed me by the waist and taken me for a quick ride through it all. As I embrace each moment I still wonder how I can make them last longer. We are mid break and have had a plethora of great memories and tremendous amounts of reunions. Life is a sweet sweet fruit I must admit over here in America.
I first felt at home when I smelled those sweet dense Aspen trees in Rocky Mountain National Park, and everything since then has also hit home, I've pulled the trigger and admitted to myself that "God damn I miss this place" and "God damn I love these people." And yet, I still have so much more of this country to see, people to hug, and memories to store.
Thick family bonds & ultimate friendship connections have been the glue of this trip and have made my heart more plump & delicious. Instead of coming to America with a distaste for what's wrong I have reminisced in the sweet nothings that I may not have taken the time to be grateful for in the past. Like the barrels of hay lined up in the farm fields of Michigan, the wild flowers that frame the borders of the highways & streets, the happiness, creativity, & togetherness of the people, the pets, the cleanliness & gratitude for sacred beautiful land, and my god the GOOD beer.
Matt & I went to our first festival in MI and everything within us was sparked. Surrounded by amazing people, incredible music, ample amounts of creativity & passion, my heart was bursting at the seems. I held my heart so many times this weekend in gratitude for the space and time, and my matching grin showed that there was nowhere else on this Earth that I would have rather been.

Through our reconnections with the people we love the most, Matt & I have felt a healing inside of us that could not have happened in Asia, Africa, S. America, Europe or Antarctica.
Only right here at home.

Now we are gearing up for a road trip to the NorthWest Pacific. A place I have been dieing to explore for a loooooong time, and we still have two more music festivals to participate in. Then, at the end of all this bliss I am fortunate enough to leave to one of my other favorite places in the world. Bali ;)

Living & Loving this life I have chosen.


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  1. I am so proud of You My Love and Amazing Daughter. Mem.