Friday, August 26, 2011


Everything has happened so fast. The transition I mean. Although my summer was fruitful, pleasurable, and intimate; time flies when you're having fun, right? On our last weekend in the states we danced our butts off in the CO rocky mountains until Sunday morning then drove back down to Denver to catch a plane to Bali at 6am the next morning. We arrived two days later at midnight on Wednesday, then had to be at school (work) the next morning at 8am. It took us a few days to catch up on our sleep, come back to reality, and a weekend to make our house feel homey. Through all the rushed rampage we have slowly managed to ween out of summer mode and back into focused mode.
Through a chain of events that occurred one after another we are bursting with excitement to be back in this very different developing world.
The first weekend we were in Bali a HUGE ceremony was in line for the cremation of the Queen (A VERY BIG DEAL). We dressed in our Balinese ceremony clothes & headed to Ubud where the ceremony was being held. People had traveled from all over the island (tourists and locals) to see this big event. People were everywhere! It was my first time seeing Ubud this packed. The queens remains were put in the huge structure (you see in the picture), it took 1,000's of Balinese men to carry this immaculate casket about 1-2 kilometers down the road where they eventually burned the whole thing. This is a very rare ceremony celebration, and was definitely one worth seeing.
A few days later we were invited to John Hardy's house(founder of Greenschool) to have dinner with the rest of the new staff at the school. He always has tricks under his sleeve & this time I was thoroughly impressed with his planning. He wanted all of us to experience real-life Bali and what a better way than through food. He had banana leaves spread out on the floor and 50-70 people sat and shared an authentic Balinese meal off the floor with our hands (no utensils provided). As I sat next to the people around me having good conversation, butterflies flew through my stomach with excitement to be back in Bali.
After this Matt & I had a few of our good friends over for a house warming celebration where we feasted & projected a movie in our living room. There is nothing better than returning to good friends. The party left the house filled with an energy full of togetherness & love.
Returning to a focused life hasn't been all that bad (besides the whole waking up to an alarm clock part).
I have many goals, visions, and dreams to accomplish this next year in the Southwest Pacific, and this weekend I will be exploring all of the ways I want my consciousness to evolve.

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