Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Life is an offering.
life is for sharing.
Life is precious.
Life is ever-changing.
And the only certainty is death.

In our daily life it is easy to become lost in our stories & our disillusionment, we forget about the real reasons we are on this planet. The real reason we were gifted with consciousness & intelligence. We succumb to our addictions & fall unworthy to our day to day trails & tribulations, most of which are mindless, numbing & distracting. But we become absorbed by them. They become the meaning of our life. They become our reason for being here.

Do you believe that some people can go through life asleep?
To be asleep is to allow life to pass you by, to not be grateful for each day & each moment, & to take this gift for granted.

Death is one thing that can wake a person up & make them recognize their purpose, make them recognize they should love unconditionally, among other things.

Do you believe a person can awaken without such an extreme?

Is your life conscious or unconscious? In your interactions are you reactive or responsive? When you think is it surface level or deep? When you love is their reservation or non-resistance?

Are you awake?

At some point it's time to wake up. And when this happens you will see life for all that it is worth. You will understand that your presence, interactions/relationships, love, & dreams are really all that matter.

Although I pride myself in living a conscious life, today I was re-awakened.
and love pours from my heart to all the ones I love,
to this planet,
to all living & nonliving.
To the depths & lengths that my small insignificant body can possibly send out.

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