Saturday, February 11, 2012

Constant Total Amazement

“The world is pregnant with miracles.
All it takes is for us to approach with quiet and awe, 
and the most mundane things open themselves 
into infinities.”

It’s interesting, I must admit, watching life’s mysteries unfold on a consistent basis. My world is filled with such beauty & bliss simply because I have taught myself how to see the world through a positive lens. So many opportunities have opened themselves to me because I have taken my life by the reigns & yelled “Let’s do this!”

My mission now is to not only embrace the beauty, bliss, comfort & love, but to also see the utter importance of its dualistic partners: darkness, contraction, greed, & anger. Finding the balance between the two has been quite a ride. The year 2012 according to many Mayan believers is all about expansion….


I contemplate this word often… It possesses great meaning that words actually cannot describe (in my mind).
Many of us Earthlings struggle with this concept because we appreciate reason, logic, & the tempting habits of the ego. We are scared of letting our minds flutter in ways that force us to think thoughts outside of the box. Outside of what we know. And when we do, there is usually someone to call out our nonsense, and bring us back down to Earth. It should be recognized that our bodies natural instinct is to expand, but the ways of our societies & the impacts of our fears usually cause us to contract. To go back in the box and hide, and even convince ourselves to think we are silly for contemplating such thoughts…
“Just stick to what you know” reason grounds you again.

Don’t get me wrong, being grounded is necessary too, but there is a balance you see… At some point in our lives we are forced to believe that imagination is not as important as logic, and this mentality I pity, but I forgive..

Contraction is yet again another word I contemplate… It also possesses great meaning in a very different sense. When I picture the word contraction I see a person curled up in a ball with their head hanging between their knees and their arms tightly wrapped around their calves. Their breath is shallow, their lungs are small, their face is tight. There is no room for any outside forces to penetrate this person, they are fully protected by their human shell. I reflect on the times I contract: during a fight when I think I am right & they are wrong-I go silent, when I am in a discussion & I disagree with a statement-I react & my ego flares, when I am told unfortunate news-I become sad & shun the world, when my emotions get the best of me-I am grumpy, short, & disillusioned, etc. etc. The list goes on. Now I am teaching myself how to feeeeeeeeeeel these contracted states, respect them, understand them, and allow them to be…

And in those times of contraction, I EXPAND. I open my arm & my heart to the universe, I spread the love from my soul to those around me, and I allow myself to experience the world of the unknown. Even though I AM SO SCARED to do so, I MAKE myself do it.

Through these practices, I have seen beauty in the darkness, & I have recognized the true potential I have as a human being on this planet. And the footprints I leave on my everyday path is of gratitude keeping in mind both sides of duality. The lessons I take from each moment are REMARKABLE.

“Almost the whole world's asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. Only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant, total amazement.”

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