Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Manifesting a vision… Sharing my BIG idea.

Alright, so this is my first vocalization to a large group of a dream that I have recently become seriously interested in manifesting… So far I’ve spoken about it, but only to close friends & to others who allowed the opportunity to present itself. What I have noticed thus far, is each time I vocalize this dream more doors open, new ideas, resources, support, & motivation rushes in. It is amazing how potential energy can become kinetic energy as soon as you vocalize it.
This is a lesson in & of itself.

Now, I am trying to figure out how to make this dream become a reality & trust my intuition to guide me through it. Part of this manifestation is building a support system, & surrounding myself with people who BELIEVE I can do it. So far, all I have received is love, appreciation, & inspiration-this is the fuel I am running on now.

My dream in this current state of awakening is to create a documentary film about something that I feel COMPLETELY passionate about. It is something that has been lying dormant in my soul for quite some time, but recently the blurry mirage of the dream is all becoming clear. Thanks to some high vibing experiences in the last couple months my dream has evolved quickly through the egg phase where the ideas swirled, into the larvae stage where creativity flourished, then into the cocoon stage where I went within to mature the ideas, and now the transformative stage where I am now sharing my creation. Yes, some beautiful butterfly medicine soothing my soul & guiding me through this process.

Before I blurt out the idea I feel that it is almost as important to explain the series of events that empowered me to believe in my ability to do this… because without these experiences my purpose would still be an itch that I couldn’t scratch.

It all started as I sat wide eyed listening to a mid-age Balinese man speaking about the importance of Nyepi (Bali’s New Year) and in the same breath admitting his fear of his culture quickly slipping away to modernism, technological advancement, & industry. I asked him if he & the elders feel confident in the youth to carry on their intricate traditions, he needn’t speak, I could see the answers in his eyes.
My heart sank.
My adoration of ancient, old, indigenous cultures all rushed into my heart & sent shivers down my spine.
I almost puked!
This was the first phase of the alignment…
I felt it in my gut, and the sadness quickly turned into intense excitement.
My eyes filled with fire:
“The world needs to know about these sacred traditions!” I could have screamed it.
The Balinese man looked up & asked “well who is going to do it?”

A couple days later I walked into a glowing room lit by candles, laced with flower mandalas, & embraced with zen in human form. Together the collective sang kirtan at the top of our lungs---I was high… real high. The bliss is hard to put in words, but just imagine a group of at least 60 people knees touching, hands open to the Gods, aligned in their highest truth vocalizing non-resistance in the purest form of love.
It was powerful…

When the kirtan ended we all gasped, no one was ready for it to come to an end. Mid gasp they introduced the flute carrying Kokopeli, we sighed in relief.
He explained his art as a sound journey,
I closed my eyes,
I was ready.

As he played his first note, my eyes clenched & the fire shot through my heart into each of my extremities, he was taking me on a journey, a Shamanistic journey. Sitting straight with my spine shooting up into the cosmos I started journeying into the forest, where I found my native family sitting around a fire.
I sat with them,
I didn’t speak,
the flute sang the words of my ancestors.

My heart turning more raw as the chief expressed his fear & his betrayal. His wounds bled openly in front of the fire dwellers. My indigenous father looked straight at me with eyes of helplessness,
eyes of trust,
filling my ears with rhythmic hope he told me that it is time.
Yes, I know… It is time.

In the midst of 60 blissed out hippies I balled my eyes out, releasing something that has been dormant for so long. Sitting in two worlds now, feeling completely safe, the excitement swirled through my spirit again…
Releasing the fear of my ancestors & becoming aligned with my purpose…
My responsibility.
To be the voice for the wounded indigenous. Not just of my native people, but also the indigenous people of the world.
Their intelligence… their secrets cannot be hidden & ignored any longer.
I walked out into the dark night & looked up at the millions of stars glaring down at me, & I thanked my ancestors as I could feel them there with me.
I declared my readiness.

Over the next month I was coincidentally aligned with a band who spoke so eloquently of all the thoughts I have on a daily basis.
Is it true?? The power of three is what kept the fire burning inside of me.

Lead by a Native American Apache & a soulful momma drummer, this band turned my world upside down. I would have to be completely numb to not be aware of this third synchronistic incident presenting itself to me.
No, no!
I was TOTALLY aware!

Medicine for the People is the name of the band & the lyricists was spittin some serious awareness. The message was all too familiar to me, but now it had sound… A sound that swept myself & many others away.
Completely aligned with his purpose this singer, this poet, this activist of the indigenous showed me how to be a voice.
My guru…
He taught me how to insert the medicine gently, yet powerfully, so that one cannot forget.
Again, I was acquainted with a Chief.
He transferred some of the responsibility into me.
I gladly accepted.
I will not forget.

Needless to say, the last couple month have been totally mind-blowing. I surrender to the immense power of an individual being aligned with their purpose. I harness this fuel & create it into my own alignment.

Each of us has a purpose on this planet,
one must be aware of the synchronicitys in life in order to tackle it.

Soooooooooo, here is the big idea of the film in a very small nutshell (I am planning on posting the evolution of the ideas & the process as it unfolds on a new blog, this is only the introduction):
My passion for the indigenous people runs deep & is obviously driven by my own roots. I believe that native people possess a wisdom, a knowing, that many modern day people have forgotten about, & maybe never even known about. My mission is to search & document indigenous practices from tribes from a variety of places on the planet with hopes to educate the modern-day busy bee about:

1. How to live in balance with the natural world
2. Bringing sacredness back into the world.

The indigenous people have mastered these traits of being human & the hard part is the traditions are fading fast. The people who live so eloquently with the land & the spirits of the land MUST be recognized for their meekness: Their infinite power beyond guns, steel, & gold.
It is no longer time to feel guilt & sadness, now it is time to honor & cherish these intelligent life forms that have walked this planet.

In the midst of all these ideas I am collaborating, I must keep one thing in mind……. After working with children & trying to design ways to empower them to be caretakers of the environment, I’ve had to be extremely careful because there are so many LARGE issues which can become overwhelming & if you don’t have a strong connection to the natural world the typical emotion is to feel guilt, then avoid it completely.
My intention is not to focus on the negative, although it is the foundation of the issue being tackled, my focus will be on the beauty & potential of human beings actually living in balance with the natural world. It is now time that we look back to our indigenous sisters & brothers for guidance. Through knowledge, skill, & ingenuity they have mastered their environment, they live in tune with their surroundings and show it a respect that is being lost elsewhere. Because the fact of the matter is, no matter how technological we may become, our well-being is equally dependent on the well-being of the planet. The remarkable lives of the native peoples remind us that we are nothing without nature.

I will start filming this summer in the jungles of Papua, one of the last places on the planet where tribal feet still walk the soil.

I ask my family, friends, & anyone else interested in this project to stay connected with me, the more vibrations being sent out into the universe believing that this dream can become a reality-the better.

All my love & adoration~ infinitely & limitlessly!

Tunkashila guide me~~~~~~

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  1. Wow, I am so knocked out of this moment upon reading Your word's and Your passion upon and through Your Beginning. I will work and enlighten You from the memories as Family Enlightens. I am proud of You Brynn and Your Passion. Mom.