Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wizard Moon & the New Chapter Sunrise

Sun rises,
now sun sets.
The duality comforts me.

I am honored when I am able to sip the sweet essence of the rising sun…
It’s becoming more frequent these days.

There is something magical during this time of day.
As the busy world sleeps,
Mama Gaia embraces her opportunities shine.
Birds sing,
the little creatures paint their way through the brush,
the sun kissed wind caresses my hair & leaves my skin feeling alive,
the dew from the night before glistens in colorful reflections of purity & simplicity.
I am a witness to it all.

Good things come when we pay attention to the silence.

As the brightest & lightest moon of the year fell unto the Earth
I watched the sun rise & steady at the same level.
Batur Volcano peak starring me straight in the eyes,
The four of us created a sacred diamond.
I held sun in one hand & the moon in the other
Equalized & stable,
I was the center of balance beam.

A circular rainbow reminded me

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Are the only words I could muster to explain the depth.
Good thing I was with those who completely understood.
There was no need for anything more.

But something still speaks to me to sing.

They say now is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
I breathe this alignment into my soul,
The shift is coming
I feel it
I am at the center of it…

Directly at the center of the universe!!!!

But don’t forget,
So is everyone else.



  1. Wow is exactly right! What an amazing experience for you and everyone else, thank you for sharing! Love you, Mem.