Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Appreciating the Process

Waves of confusion & clarity wash over me…

I’m starting to realize that this project is not about the end result.
Yes, a beautiful documentary to share with the world… But I know that is not the end, nor the major goal. Just a scrapbook, a collaboration of efforts…

This will be a life long journey.

Greater than any end result will be the process that unfolds during the mission.
Grasping insight… Fighting the bad guys… Working with the good guys… Accepting change… being humbled OVER and OVER again.
And finding myself through it all.


The dark moon this time around brought a significant shift.
Hibernation begins…
I’ve been waiting.
To study… To research… To learn… To explore…
Distractions slowly dissipate & loose importance.

Lucy spoke to me.
Sky opened.
Diamonds encrusted my feet.

The black sand that washed up onto the drift wood reminded me that I am made up of the same particles of the Earth…
My body craved the dark rich minerals.
I could have ate a handful.

Earth made of the cosmos.
I started flying.

Traveler’s Treasure Chest!!!
Aha! That’s it!

Face to face I sat with the Cherokee Medicine Woman.
Her songs of the native tongue send shivers down my spine.
My soul pulsated to the beat of the drum & made me feel at home.
I sent her my message…
Vibrations…. Vibrations…. Dream…

My medicine wheel held vivid visions:

Owl holding pen & pencil in the South.
Blue Heron, river, children in the West.
White Brown bear grasping an URGENT message in the North.
Rainbow Horse bridging worlds in the East.

I am listening.

“You are on a great journey
And many things will shift
The medicine woman inside you is of great importance.
See her.
Nurture her.
Heal the world.
The rainbow people will guide you. Inspire you.
You’ve been here many times- each round intimately connected to the Earth.
You are a master of the Earth.
The children are your messengers.
You are dynamic.
Bridge the world between the different colored people.”

My camera gear arrives this week.
The biggest investment I’ve ever made (besides my college education).
Now, I wait.

It’s all happening!

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  1. Your post sends shivers down my back. Knowing that you are feeling so much spirit in your life brings such an intense array of emotions up for me but the end one is peace in knowing that you are on this path of real discovery. Keep it flowing Brynnie! Sinking into the deep roots of this body, holding you reminding that your not alone, and are eternal. We look forward to our next skype time.